Hotel for Small Dogs

At Horse Garden Churan, we understand
that your furry friend is more than just a
pet - they’re a cherished member of your
family, just like our rescues have a very
special place in our hearts.

While we take the best care of your
beloved furry family, you will be supporting our
rescues by choosing our facility to stay. We can
only take in five small breed dogs per day to
guarantee a safe and comfortable stay, and each dog will have a private pen in an air conditioned
room with lots of free roaming/playing time
outside and inside throughout the day. 

The profits from this dog hotel will go
straight towards the medical fees, feeding
fees and daily costs for the rescues at our shelter.

Accepting reservations now!

The little red cabin is now a Dog Hotel!

Small but tidy and very cozy

To provide the best care, we only accept five pups per

During the day, pups are
allowed to roam freely

Each pup will have its own
pen that has enough room to walk around even with pee
sheets, a bed and a water
bowl inside. They will also
stay in their own pen during the night for safety

We have a cozy little sun room for the pups to sunbathe
and relax

Semi free roaming & lots of playtime

We will provide each pet with; not a cage
but a large cozy pen with everything they need to be comfortable and to spread their furry little
legs during their special sleepover!
There will be lots of cuddle time with our animal
loving staff, and the chance to make a bunch of
new friends during playtime.
Each little guest will be offered multiple times to
go out for walks, run around in the dog run or
just to sunbathe on the deck
if preferred.
Our staff is also present in the premises during
the night for security.

There won’t be any time to feel lonely as long as
they stay with us at Horse Garden Churan!

Only for
dogs  up to
check in
8am to 10am
Additional ¥2,900
check out
6pm to 8pm
Additional ¥2,900
50% of the total fee
Cancellation fees 7 days before charged 20%
 3 days before charged 50%
 1 day before charged 100%
Discounts7days+ 5%off

How to book

Read and understand our Terms and Policies below

Ask for availability

We will get back to you with an answer and estimate

After your confirmation you will receive an online
waiver to fill in

An invoice to cover half of the scheduled stay will be sent
to your email address

Transfer the deposit within 12 hours to secure the spot
*Credit cards/paypal accepted

Congratulations! You’re successfully booked

Pay the balance when you pick up your pet

Terms and Policies

We are Limited to Small Breed Dogs

We reserve the rights to deny services for
the health and safety of our staff and other
animals, therefore we cannot accept
aggressive dogs or dogs that weigh more than

All dogs need to be potty trained

If your dog repeatedly urinates inside the
facility ( does not use pee sheets or does
not wait until taken outside, etc.) diapers will be used and diaper fee will be charged for ¥500/day. If the dog refuses to wear diapers, we may have to reach out to your Emergency Contact to pick
up the dog. We will not be responsible for any
visual diapermarks caused by using.
Please bring diapers if needed.
**female dogs in heat may be denied

Flea/Tick preventative is mandatory

All dogs need to be on some sort of flea/tick
preventative. We will bathe dogs in a flea/tick
bath if fleas or ticks are present at the cost of the owner however this does not remove all fleas/
ticks and it will be mandatory for the owner to
provide flea/tick preventative. We will not be
responsible for fleas/ticks on your dog.

Food and Medication

You must need to supply adequate food and
medications for the duration of the stay. If the
supply of food becomes inadequate we will reach out to the Emergency Contact to bring whatever
supplies needed for your pet. If they cannot bring in food, food available at the facility will be
supplied at a fee, per each feeding daily per each individual pet.
We also do not serve raw food at our facility.

Vaccination policies

All dogs must have a current Rabies and
Distemper, Kennel Cough vaccination prior to and during the stay. Proof of vaccination must be
brought in prior to or on the day of the stay. A
current print out from the vet clinic of services
done with dog’s name will be sufficient.

We cannot provide special care

We are not equipped as an after-care facility for treatments as to surgeries and
cannot provide special care services outside the
everyday care services at our facility. We will
require that the pet be healed and cleared from
a vet before any stays are to be done.

Stress during the stay

Please be aware that some dogs do
experience stress related illness, and the
stay may cause their chronic conditions to worsen during the stay. If your pet becomes ill and/or
requires medical attention, the owner will be
liable for all costs incurred, to include charges by an off base veterinarian, administration or
medications( oral or topical), and any other
medically authorized treatments(baths, etc.)

Responsibility for damages

Please understand that you are responsible for
any harm or damage caused by your pet to
persons, any other animals housed or visiting, or our property during the stay.

Notification for delays

A notification is expected prior to the date of
scheduled pick up if your pet needs to stay for a
longer period than expected.
Extension of staying without notification will
result in additional fees equal to a 24 hour stay
on top of the daily fee per day per pet. If your pet is staying for longer than 21 days and needs to
extend, payment for services will need to be paid
every two weeks until your pet is picked up.

Drop off/Pick up policies

Any drop off/pick ups outside of business
hours will incur a service fee. An
appointment is needed to be scheduled
ahead of time, so our staff is prepared for your
arrival. All balances will need to be paid prior for any pets permanently going home.

Deposit and Refund policies

A deposit is required to guarantee the
reservation. Final payment is due before the
release of the pet. Any cancellations or
changes with less than 72 hours will result a loss of deposit.

Waiver liability

We take appropriate measures to prevent
theft and ensure the safety and health of each pet. However we will not be held responsible for any charges if your pet is stolen or escapes during the stay.