Riding Lessons

*No admission fees or monthly membership fees required
*Due to the size of our horses, weight limit is set up to 150lb.
*ages from 2 yrs and older

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Prices for Lessons

Prices have been revised to tax included starting from 1st. Mar. 2024

20 minute
lesson 2-6yrs old
45 minute lesson
7yrs and older

An advanced payment is required for each lesson

First Step!

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Second Step!

You will receive an online invoice to your
email to complete the reservation. Your
riding lesson will not be confirmed until the payment is made.

Third Step!

You will receive a confirmation email when the payment is received. Thank you for booking!

Refunds due to cancellations

A three day prior notification
(including the day of reservation)will be
required to receive a refund. We are also
flexible to reschedule due to bad
weather etc. Be sure to contact us
BEFORE your lesson starts via
email, facebook or 090-7988-0502.
**No refunds or rescheduling will be
admitted if we don’t hear from you in time.

Most of our horses have been rescued from cruel situations or being overworked, and we strive to give our animals a life of
peace and happiness, and work extremely hard to carry out that mission. Please
understand that our riding program aims
to teach riders to obtain comfortability
around horses and the basic riding skills.
Due to the size of our riding space, we are limited as to what a rider/horse and
instructor can do during a lesson, therefore we do our best to establish rider/horse
relationship and set our riders up for
success for their future riding endeavors.
We expect our riders and their families to
respect our rescue mission, animal welfare, and our rules - we will not, under any
circumstance, tolerate ill behavior towards our animals or breaking of barn rules.
Parents, we encourage you to watch your
child during riding lessons, however, we
ask that you do not speak to your child
during lessons. This is incredibly
distracting for the rider and instructor as
well as dangerous; please respect this rule or you will be asked to refrain from
watching lessons.
Riders will be required to agree to our
liability waiver as well as lesson etiquette
rules prior to starting lessons. Riders are
required to wear helmets during lessons.