We are a volunteer-based organization with many caring volunteers who bring love and happiness to our residents. If you would like to join us, please read and understand our requirements and message us!
Most of our residents are rescues who have trusting issues with people. Due to those matters and to prevent accidents, we do not allow friends, children or families visiting the island etc. to shadow you during your volunteering hours. Please respect our privacy and please escort them during the visiting hours.

Requirements to volunteer

◯BEWARE! We have geese! It takes time for them to adjust but they will eventually recognize you and leave you alone. If you’re scared of geese this is not a good place to volunteer and we cannot lock them up all day. Animals always come first and we deeply appreciate your understanding and the effort to accept them.

◯We have a dress code. You are asked to dress properly to protect yourself from any accidents such as getting bitten, stepped on or simply shoved by the rescues. Yoga pants, shorts, sandals, revealing clothing are not acceptable. Please consider working boots, cargo pants, jeans and t-shirts for your safety and for the comfort of others.

**Main tasks are mucking stalls, organizing the surrounding and cleaning. Grooming and training the horses depend on your experience and is not promised. We also require every volunteer to be friendly to our visitors and lesson students, which are mainly children.

Please understand most of our residents are rescues and need more patience and care than usual horse ranches. Some are not broken, some are scared of people and some bite because they have been mistreated.
◯You need to be:
〇 18 years or older
〇 Respectable and Dependable
◯Available at least three days a month
◯Available at least six months
◯Need to be good in the heat

Equine experience is a requirement. LOAs are available to those who request them.

To apply for volunteering, please contact us by Facebook and we will contact you for a brief interview. After the interview you will need to sign and turn in the liability waiver found below.

Waiver of Liability and Indemnity for Volunteering
Please read, understand and agree to the Waiver before applying. Please download, print and sign after your interview.
Volunteering hours
*need help
Volunteering hours
need help